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Marine Safety Services

Safety and quality programmes adopted by the maritime industry have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. However, the prevention of accidents and environmental damage still depends largely on the ability of the ship's crew to respond promptly and professionally in a crisis situation.

Working in the front line

BCTQ Marine Safety Services division (Formerly MSS) is at the forefront of the international maritime community's drive to improve safety, quality and environmental standards.

With almost 40 years of experience, we provide training where it counts - on board the vessel. Training and audits performed during the course of the voyage focus on the personnel, systems and equipment available to respond to external inspections and emergencies.

Flexible Shipboard Services

MSS provides a cost effective, voyage based solution to training and shipboard audit requirements. Each of our clients has distinct individual needs. We make every effort to match these needs with the individual expertise of the consultant, or consultants selected for the task.

Our clients benefit from a broad range of training options, which include:

  • Safety procedures onboard
  • Accident prevention
  • Emergency response
  • Fire prevention and fire fighting
  • Rescue and resuscitation
  • Abandon ship and survival at Sea
  • Enclosed space entry
  • Cargo hazards
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Safety equipment use and maintenance
  • ISM code requirements
  • Atmosphere sampling equipment
  • Ship/ shore interface
  • Pollution avoidance
  • Inert gas operations

Compliance with regulatory and commercial requirements

BCTQ's Marine Safety Services consultants perform shipboard safety, quality and environmental audits to help ensure the vessels meet regulatory requirements and avoid costly delays and detentions. Our consultants conduct over 200 technical/ safety audits on board vessels of all types each year. They concentrate on the timely, identification of problems which could have significant safety and commercial consequences.

Contact: John Waters at our Southampton Office on or Tel: +44 (0)2380 339449

All our services follow BCTQ's stringent code of confidentiality and discretion

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COVID-19 Update 27/03/2019

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COVID-19 Update

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Proud to have been involved with Red Funnel

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Range of Projects

Air Cushioned Barge - NCOC

more >

M.Y. Talitha G

Classic gentlemen’s yacht built in 1929
more >

T.S.M.V. Balmoral

Built in 1949 by J.I. Thornycroft & Company in Southampton, Balmoral is listed as part of the National Heritage Fleet
more >

P.S. Waverley

Built in 1946, Waverley is listed as part of the National Heritage Fleet
more >

T.S.S. Queen Mary

BCTQ advised the owner of this former Clyde triple screw turbine steamer
more >

S.S. Yavari

BCTQ provided the services of a naval architect/surveyor
more >

H.M.S. Warrior

BCTQ attended on board Oil Fuel Hulk C77 lying afloat at Pembroke Dock
more >

S.S. Great Britain

BCTQ conducted a full structural survey of this iron vessel
more >


55m ice-class expedition yacht built by Pendennis Shipyard
more >


71m diesel electric motor yacht
more >


78m Abeking and Rasmussen built motor yacht.
more >


115m Lurssen built motor yacht for worldwide cruising.
more >


119m innovative private motor yacht built at HDW Shipyard and suitable for world wide cruising.
more >


115m Explorer Yacht built by lloydwerft in Germany.
more >


162m Blohm & Voss built motor yacht with diesel electric propulsion and currently the world’s largest vessel intended for private use.
more >

Torpoint Ferries

Three 73m double ended Ro-Ro ferries providing a “floating bridge” service between Torpoint and Plymouth.
more >

Terra Marique

80m Multi-Purpose Diesel Electric Semi Submersible Pontoon buily by Damen Shipyard.
more >

Red Osprey / Red Falcon / Red Eagle

94m RoRo Ferry Fleet for Red Funnel in Southampton.
more >


39m Rapid Intervention Vessel, for response to any incident in the English Channel, built at the Remontowa Shipyard in Poland.
more >

Stavros S Niarchos and Prince William

Two 59m brigs designed for the Sail Training Association.
more >

Scillonian IV

79m RoRo Cargo & Passenger ferry.
more >


84m Multi Function Diesel Electric Buoy Handling Tender for Trinity House.
more >

James Clark Ross

99m Diesel-electric Antarctic Research Vessel, designed to operate in temperatures as low as minus 40°C.
more >