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BCTQ’s experience in the design of tugs and workboats can be traced back to its pioneering Hydroconic hull design, providing tugs with a greater bollard pull relative to a given horsepower. Additionally, the Towmaster tug design was equally pioneering and, when coupled with the Hydroconic hull form, produced some of the strongest bollard pull tugs of their time.

This heritage is maintained today and BCTQ is now looking to the future of tug and workboat design, working with operators looking for specialist custom designs as opposed to ‘off the shelf’ products. Additionally, BCTQ works with operators on safety and certification and is an MCA appointed Certifying Authority for Small Commercial Vessels. If a British boat is to be used commercially at sea, it is a requirement that it is Small Commercial Vessel (SCV) certified by an MCA Certification Authority.

BCTQ is a Certifying Authority in the following codes of practice:

  • The safety of Small Commercial Vessels (the "Blue Code")
  • The Safety of Small Commercial Vessels (the "Yellow Code")
  • The Safety of Small Vessels in Commercial Use for Sport or Pleasure operating from a Nominated Departure Point (NDP) (the "Red Code")
  • The Safety of Small Workboats & Pilot Boats (the "Brown Code")

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COVID-19 Update 27/03/2019

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COVID-19 Update

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Proud to have been involved with Red Funnel

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Range of Projects

Air Cushioned Barge - NCOC

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M.Y. Talitha G

Classic gentlemen’s yacht built in 1929
more >

T.S.M.V. Balmoral

Built in 1949 by J.I. Thornycroft & Company in Southampton, Balmoral is listed as part of the National Heritage Fleet
more >

P.S. Waverley

Built in 1946, Waverley is listed as part of the National Heritage Fleet
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T.S.S. Queen Mary

BCTQ advised the owner of this former Clyde triple screw turbine steamer
more >

S.S. Yavari

BCTQ provided the services of a naval architect/surveyor
more >

H.M.S. Warrior

BCTQ attended on board Oil Fuel Hulk C77 lying afloat at Pembroke Dock
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S.S. Great Britain

BCTQ conducted a full structural survey of this iron vessel
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55m ice-class expedition yacht built by Pendennis Shipyard
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71m diesel electric motor yacht
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78m Abeking and Rasmussen built motor yacht.
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115m Lurssen built motor yacht for worldwide cruising.
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119m innovative private motor yacht built at HDW Shipyard and suitable for world wide cruising.
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115m Explorer Yacht built by lloydwerft in Germany.
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162m Blohm & Voss built motor yacht with diesel electric propulsion and currently the world’s largest vessel intended for private use.
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Torpoint Ferries

Three 73m double ended Ro-Ro ferries providing a “floating bridge” service between Torpoint and Plymouth.
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Terra Marique

80m Multi-Purpose Diesel Electric Semi Submersible Pontoon buily by Damen Shipyard.
more >

Red Osprey / Red Falcon / Red Eagle

94m RoRo Ferry Fleet for Red Funnel in Southampton.
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39m Rapid Intervention Vessel, for response to any incident in the English Channel, built at the Remontowa Shipyard in Poland.
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Stavros S Niarchos and Prince William

Two 59m brigs designed for the Sail Training Association.
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Scillonian IV

79m RoRo Cargo & Passenger ferry.
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84m Multi Function Diesel Electric Buoy Handling Tender for Trinity House.
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James Clark Ross

99m Diesel-electric Antarctic Research Vessel, designed to operate in temperatures as low as minus 40°C.
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